Studio version 3.1.1 upgrade for EBI Project Generator

Studio version 3.1.1 upgrade for EBI Project Generator :: December 12, 2014

EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) 3 Studio Version 3.1.1 release compilation

EXTOL released their first EBI 3 Studio upgrade. According to their release document "Update Release Compilation.pdf" the upgrade introduces the new feature of EBI Project Generator, bug fixes and enhancements

Previously the EDI Project Wizard, the new EBI Project Generator now includes non-EDI Projects, and has a completely re-vamped interface to provide an easy, intuitive user experience, in order to help you quickly generate Projects by using an existing Project as a template. EBI replicates the template Project and its resources, updates new resource names, re-configures enveloping and trading partner information (for EDI Projects), maintains resource dependencies, and updates other attributes and values to automatically reflect the newly generated Project. Please note: To complete the studio update, you must reset the EBI Workbench perspective (Window | Reset Perspective option).

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