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EXTOL Releases EBI 3.2.1 Update :: July 17, 2015

EBI 3.2.1 has been released and it covers:


Database Wizard

  • Enhancements and fixes to this feature include a reduction in the amount of time when retrieving database metadata, a fix to prevent the overwriting of implied decimal data during schema updates, and an enhanced option to filter and select specific tables when using the Wizard.
  • Additional messaging has been provided when populating or updating Database Schemas and Data Sources that explains possible effects to the Data Source and Schemas when updating the objects separate from the Database Refresh Wizard functionality.

Ruleset Editor Bug Fixes

  • An issue that resulted in repeat values when copying and pasting in a Ruleset has been corrected.
  • An issue when creating variables from the Ruleset editor has now been corrected.


Raw EDI Data

  • This service release corrects an issue which prevented the viewing of raw EDI data in the EXTOL Dashboard.

Web Service Connection Issue

  • An issue in which the Business Process task used to connect to a REST web service was referencing the incorrect Keystore has been corrected.

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