Use SVN Repository Branch to Promote Projects

Use SVN Repository Branch to Promote Projects

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Today Chuck Buchanan, of EXTOL, walked users through SVN Best Practices in EXTOL Business Integrator 3. These same practices can be applied to EBI 4

Chuck shows how the SVN Repository is more than just storing our EXTOL objects. We are able to use the SVN Repository to move objects between our development systems and our production systems.

We show users an example of how to create a Branch off of our SVN Trunk. The Branch represents a one time snapshot of the Trunk that will be the vehicle to promote projects to the Test/Production Servers. The one time snapshot will constantly be updated as new projects are created. In addition to the new projects, we add new packages/objects as they are created too.

Use SVN Repository Branch to promote Projects/Packages/Objects, Click Here >

EXTOL Customer Zone users can see the full video HERE

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