Unable Deploy/Install Project to Server Due to Dependencies

Unable Deploy/Install Project to Server Due to Dependencies

EBI 3 Scenario:

Attempting to install a deployed project start Linux EBI 3 server from the command line in Linux.

EBI 3 Issue:

EBI 3 is unable to resolve to an object that exists in a dependency project. In this case the ruleset: com.shg.msgLogRetrieveRestWSProvide.EdiMsgLogResponseRS was dependent on the object com.shg.EdiLogsExtract.ExtolExtractMsgLevel

Although an error occurs, the Project Listing is deceptive since all the objects are deployed and installed. In the example below everything looks normal.

EXTOL Business Integrator 3 Error unable to deploy

EBI 3 Server Error:

2014-09-17 11:39:02,135 Error massaging export file: project name: com.shg.msgLogRetrieveRestWSProvide fqn: com.shg.msgLogRetrieveRestWSProvide.EdiMsgLogResponseRS id: 4cfddcee844441489251ac0963e67b09Referencing FQN is null for referencing project: com.shg.msgLogRetrieveRestWSProvide and referenced FQN: com.shg.EdiLogsExtract.ExtolExtractMsgLevel
2014-09-17 11:39:02,135 Tried to resolve Project: com.shg.msgLogRetrieveRestWSProvide FQN: com.shg.EdiLogsExtract.ExtolExtractMsgLevel which resolved to URL: null

EBI 3 Resolution:

We uploaded the dependency project first com.shg.EdiLogsExtract then uploaded the project: com.shg.msgLogRetrieveRestWSProvide.

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