Server Software Online Update

Server Software Online Update

With Cleo Clarify, users will now be able to receive online real-time software updates by simply clicking on Update Server. This process is similiar to EBI-3-Studio-Software-Online-Update.php">Studio Software/EDI (x12/EDIFACT) Standards Online Update.

Before Updating Clarify Server

•The Clarify Server automatically shuts down after updates have installed, at which point you will be required to manually restart the Clarify Server. Please ensure access to the EBI Server. It is recommended to schedule the update at a time when the Clarify Server interruption has minimal impact.
•Verify all Projects and related resources in your Workspace have been committed to an SVN repository.
•Stop any testing being done.
•Back up your Clarify Server install directory.
•Temporarily stop external notifications being sent to Clarify during the update process; this includes the Clarify/ESX (EXTOL Secure Exchange) messaging framework, if integrated.

Updating Clarify Server

STEP 1: From the Cleo Clarify Studio, select the specific Clarify Server to apply update.
Cleo Clarify Choose Server Menu

STEP 2: Suspend the Clarify Server by clicking the Suspend button.
Cleo Clarify Suspend Server Icon

STEP 3: Suspend the Clarify Server by clicking the Suspend button. image

STEP 4: Click the Update Server button. Next the update process will show available updates via the Update Server Window. Cleo Clarify Update Server Icon

STEP 5: Select the update by clicking the related checkbox.
Cleo Clarify Update Server Dialog Window

STEP 6: Review the items to be installed as described in the Details section. Click Finish when ready to install.

FINAL Step before upgrade

Cleo Clarify Update Server Notice Server will stop after update process

Users will be prompted: The Server will automatically be shut down after updates are installed. Please ensure access to the machine is available to manually restart the Clarify Server before continuing. Are you sure you would like to continue? Click Yes to restart and complete the update.

EBI Server Update Notes

The details section provides a summary description of update details, additional information can be found in the Update Release Compilation document available on the EXTOL Customer Zone's Technical Documentation section for Cleo Clarify

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