CamelCase Object Naming Convention

CamelCase Object Naming Convention

In an earlier post we discussed EBI 3 naming conventions. In EBI 3 users will no longer will users be able to use spaces, underscores, periods.

According to WikiPedia, CamelCase (camel case) or medial capitals is the practice of writing compound words or phrases such that each word or abbreviation begins with a capital letter.

Old way of naming Cleo Objects -- EBI 2.6:

  • Inbound Ruleset: Kmart_RS_850_4010_to_JDE_4010
  • EDI Endpoint: Target_EP_EDI_4010_Inbound_204

New way of naming Cleo Objects -- Clarify 3.1:

  • Inbound Ruleset: Kmart8504010toJdeRS
  • EDI Endpoint: TargetEdi4010Inbound204EP

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