Compare Current Workbench Project to Previous Versions

Compare Current Workbench Project to Previous Versions

Just the other day we discovered we needed to restore Cleo Clarify objects that were deleted. The Clarify Objects existed in neither our Clarify Workbench, nor the Trunk of the SVN Repository.

The only thing going for us was the fact that this code was originally team shared via team synchronization. Knowing the SVN repository had history of our previous Clarify we are able to to retrieve previous Clarify Objects and not disturb our current set-up.

Choose SVN Repository

Click on SVN Repository

Cleo Clarify SVN Repository Icon

Locate History for Project

Locate the respective SVN and SVN Project we are looking to review history for and compare objects. In the example below we identified the project com.shg.EdiExtractLogs

Cleo Clarify SVN Trunk Project

Compare Current Revision with Previous Revision

Once we identify the correct Clarify Project, we are allowed to view the history. For our scenario, the current code (objects) existed in revision 101 and we want to compare it to revision 65.

We chose Compare with Previous State to show what objects have been added, updated, and deleted.

Cleo Clarify SVN Compare with Previous State

Reviewing Changes Between SVN Revisions

Based on the screenshot below we see there are handful of objects that were deleted and some that were added. We made this determination by looking at the tiny box icons showing a "-" and "+".

In a later post, we show how to take the next step and move these Cleo Clarify objects into our current Clarify Workbench project.

Cleo Clarify SVN Compare Objects from Previous State

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