Running Project Utility to Create Projects and Update Manifest Files

Running Project Utility to Create Projects and Update Manifest Files

Cleo developers created a slick tool that allows users to create new projects within Eclipse that will assist users using the Conversion Manager.
Users of the Clarify Conversion Manager will find that they will need to assign Clarify objects to Eclipse Projects/Packages. These Eclipse Projects/Packages need to exist before the objects are assigned.
This is where the Project Utility comes in to assist.

Getting Started with Project Utility File

  • Create a new Clarify project in Clarify3 Workspace. This project is where we will place the Conversion Manager file and project util file within.
  • Right click on the project and create a demo.projectUtil file. Name it but use the same file extension
  • Add the following content to the projectUtil file just created and adjust as needed: - example below
  • Save the projectUtil file. Right click for the Menu and select Create Projects to create the base and util project

Creating Project Utility File

In Cleo's shipped example of example.projectUtil we are shown a set-up for a single base project (base) and two other projects (acme and extol) dependent on base. Example below:

acme > base
extol > base

This means the following projects will be created:

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