EXTOL EBI 3 Conversion Manager - Saving EBI 2.6 Objects

Cleo Clarify 3 Conversion Manager - Saving EBI 2.6 Objects

To successfully run the Clarify 3 Conversion Manager users will need to run a full back-up of their EBI 2.6 objects via ExecuteConversionArchiver.
Below are the steps needed to successfully run ExecuteConversionArchiver.

  • From the Clarify3 /runtime/utils directory, take the ConversionArchiver.zip and unzip the archive to the root directory, of the EBI v2.6 install folder.
  • Make sure EBI2.6 server is started.
  • Open a command line window in from the server running the EBI 2.6 server; change the directory to the conversion folder just unarchived in the EBI2 directory.
  • In the command window, run the command ExecuteConversionArchiver using the parameter "EXTOL_ENTIRE_DATABASE" to save the whole database.

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