How to Perform Full Data Backup

How to Perform Full Windows/Linux EBI Backup

The Full Backup process contains a copy of all files and the database at a point in time.

On-line backups can occur while the EBI Server is running. Ideally this option would be done at night when tranactions processing is low.

The LINUX command to run is: {$EBI_Install_Folder}/utils/[online|offline]
The WINDOWS command to run is: {$EBI_Install_Folder}\utils\backup_system.bat[online|offline]

Example: Linux Full Backup

[email protected]:/opt/ebi3aug/server/utils# ./ online
Performing database backup.
Script variables:
Database URL : jdbc:derby://
Database driver : org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver
Workspace location: /opt/ebi3aug/workspace/
Command : backup online
Log file : /opt/ebi3aug/server/utils/logs/[email protected]
Database backup successful.
Archiving to /opt/ebi3aug/server/backups/[email protected]
Zipping Archive to /opt/ebi3aug/server/backups/[email protected]
[email protected]:/opt/ebi3aug/server/utils#

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