Implement EXTOL's SVN Secure Repository Cloud

Implement Cleo's SVN Secure Repository Cloud

To make implementation easier and efficient, Cleo is offering free SVN hosting to Cleo Clarify 3 customers. The hosting is being performed by .

What is offers unlimited hosted Subversion repositories. The hosted SVN repository's access control is managed by's roles and permissions and associating commits with task management.

Repository Management:

Developers can be granted read/write access to specific repositories and projects. Hosted Subversion repositories are accessible via HTTPS and your regular credentials

Web-based Access:

Planio's repository view shows all files and folders — and all branches. Code is beautifully highlighted: you can see a file's history, compare versions, and see side-by-side differences with only a few clicks.

Tightly Integrated:

With Planio, commits will team up with task management and time tracking. Users can reference any issue in a commit to always display the two side-by-side in Planio's repo and issue views.

Logging in

Users will goto the url: to login to their respective account.

Cleo Clarify 3 SVN Repository Login Screenshot


Users will click on the Repository tab to view revision history. Users have the ability to view code differences in this screen.

Note: Users can also click on Activities Tab to view history.

Cleo Clarify 3 SVN Repository History

Repository :: View Differences

Users can chose a radio button on the left side and a radio button on the right side. From here click on View Differences. Cleo Clarify 3 SVN Repository View Differences

Repository :: Code Differences

Just as users can view code differences within the EBI 3 Studio, offers a web-based option to view the code differences between revisions.

Cleo Clarify 3 SVN Repository Revision Differences

Repository :: Connecting

When it comes time for users to connect to the repository, there is a right hand colum that shows the URL. We will use this URL, our web user login ID and password we will create a new SVN connection in EBI 3 Studio.

Cleo Clarify 3 SVN Repository URL to connect

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