How to Perform Linux Database Backup

How to Perform Partial Windows/Linux Clarify Backup

The Parial Backup is a minimal backup will only back up the database and projects that are deployed to the server. The minimal backup will NOT grab any of the physical data files that reside in the logging folders. This means that when this backup is restored the auditor logs will be archived/restored. The the physical data files for the source, target, source context, and target context nodes will be NOTbe save/restored. The partial backup will skip over configuration files

By performing a partialback-up, Clarify 3 users can be ensured that they will be saving a stable and restorable

On-line backups can occur while the Clarify Server is running. Ideally this option would be done at night when tranactions processing is low.

This type of save is typical when we need to save the EXTOL objects on a regular basis.

The LINUX command to run is: {$EBI_Install_Folder}/utils/[online|offline]
The WINDOWS command to run is: {$EBI_Install_Folder}/utils/backup_db.bat[online|offline]

Locatin of backup: ${EBI_Install_Folder}/backups/xdb1[Month]_[Day]_[Year]@ [Hour]-[Minute]-[Seconds]

Example: Linux Partial Data Backup

[email protected]:/opt/ebi3aug/server/utils# ./ online
Script variables:
Database URL : jdbc:derby://
Database driver : org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver
Workspace location: /opt/ebi3aug/workspace/
Command : backup online
Log file : /opt/ebi3aug/server/utils/logs/[email protected]
Database backup successful.
Moving from: /opt/ebi3aug/server/backup/xdb1
to: /opt/ebi3aug/server/backups//[email protected]
[email protected]:/opt/ebi3aug/server/utils#

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