Comparison of Ruleset Editor versus Ruleset Text Editor

Comparison of Ruleset Editor versus Ruleset Text Editor

Rulset Background:

The Cleo Clarify Ruleset is where users set-up their data integrations between different data formats, ie. EDI, XML, flatfile, spreadsheet and etc.

In the example below, we show users how they can use either editor to make the needed updates. Most of the time the Ruleset Editor will be satisfactory. When there is a need to search/replace, the Ruleset Text Editor would be ideal.

Ruleset Editor

Here the Clarify user has a section of a JDE x12 ruleset that contains a condition on a composite folder, basic move rules, and two SQL statements.

Cleo Clarify Ruleset Editor

Ruleset Text Editor

In the example below, we have the the text editor version of the same section of the ruleset.

The text editor allows the Clarify user to see a whole lot more of what is going on in the Clarify 4 object (ruleset).
For example it shows what project/package the actions that are being used are coming from.

Cleo Clarify Ruleset Text Editor

Debugging with Ruleset Text Editor

To see how we use Ruleset Text Editor to debug a ruleset, Click Here >

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