Cleo Clarify 3 Server - Step by Step of Linux Server Install

EXTOL EBI 3 Server - Step by Step of Linux Server Install

Linux Install Scenario

  • Install Directory: /opt/EBI31
  • Owner/Group: extol/extol
  • Install executable: EBI_Server_3_1_Linux64_b747.bin
  • Location of install executable: /home/shoppe

Create Linux Cleo User - extol

Action from command line adduser cleo
Action from command line passwd cleo

Create directory - /opt/EBI31

Action from command line crtdir /opt/EBI31

Install Cleo Clarify 3 Server

Action from command line /home/shoppe/EBI_Server_3_1_Linux64_b747.bin
Steps of Install: Server Install directory: /opt/EBI31/Server
Steps of Install: Server Artifacts directory: /opt/EBI31/ServerWorkspace
Note: The install can take 10-15 minutes.

Change Ownership of Cleo Clarify 3 Directory

Action from command line sudo chown -R cleo:cleo /opt/EBI31

Add Linux users to Group:cleo

Action from command line usermod -a -G cleo shoppe


Action: Check /opt/EBI31/Server/ebiServer.ini
      Make sure following line exists: -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=[hostname here]

Starting Cleo Clarify 3 Linux Server

Action: Start Linux Server

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