Exclusive Subversion (SVN) Lock and Unlock

Exclusive Subversion (SVN) Lock and Unlock

Subversion's locking feature exists ultimately to minimize wasted time and effort. Locking and unlocking exclusive right to change a file in the repository.
After the commit is finished, svn status shows that the lock token is no longer present in the working copy.

Cleo Clarify 3 Studio - SVN Project Lock

To apply a lock it is as simple as two steps

  • RIGHT CLICK on a Project/Package/Object, Choose Team->Lock option.
  • Synchronize project with SVN

Apply Subversion (SVN) Lock

Cleo Clarify 3 Studio SVN Project Lock Screenshot

Breaking and Stealing Locks

A repository lock isn't sacred in Subversion. Locks can be released not only by the person who created them, but by anyone. When somebody other than the original lock creator destroys a lock, we refer to this as breaking the lock.
In the example above their is a CHECK BOX to 'Steal the locks'. When this option is taken, users can remove any previous locks and lock the objects for themselves

Advanced Locking with Subversioning

Subversioning offers administrators to force users to lock an object, before updates are made. Click here to learn more how this update can be applied in Cleo Clarify 3.

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