Instructions to Create Branch for Trunk:Project in SVN Repository

Cleo Clarify SVN Repository

Step by Step Instructions to Create Branch for Trunk:Project in SVN Repository

1 - Why is a Branch Needed?

Branches are used in SVN Repositories to mark a time when a major change is going to take place on the trunk. For this example the Clarify user will be changing an existing Inbound 850 EDI document process to include SDQ mapping in the ruleset.
First the Clarify user will want to update their workspace with the latest version of their projects from the SVN.
Right-click the projects and click Team > Synchronize with Repository
Cleo Clarify Team Synchronize

2 - SVN Repository

Once the Clarify user has synchronized they will want to click on the SVN Repository section at the top right of the Clarify studio.
Cleo Clarify SVN Repository
From the Trunk, the Clarify user will right-click on the projects they would like to create a branch.
Click on New > Branch
Cleo Clarify SVN  Create Branch

3 - Creating a Branch

A create branch box will appear and allow the Clarify user to enter comment information for the branch.
For this example, the Clarify user is creating a branch because they want to update their myPartner Inbound 850 Ruleset to include SDQ mapping changes.
A date and time will automatically be assigned to the branch. When ready click OK.
Cleo Clarify SVN Create Branch - Comments

4 - Branch Created

When the branch is created the Clarify user can see a new folder appear under branches that is labeled Updating 850 Ruleset. This is the branch that the Clarify user created when they began making changes to the myPartner project.
Cleo Clarify SVN Branch Projects
At the bottom of the studio, the Clarify user can click on the branch and see when the last time the branch was changed and by whom.
Cleo Clarify Studio Branch History

5 - Check-Out Branch

The Clarify user will want to create a new workspace to checkout their branch.
Cleo Clarify SVN Check-Out Branch Projects
The workspace will look like this below. From here, users will be able to make the changes necessary to their objects. See Merging Branches on how to update the trunk with the changes made to the branch.
Cleo Clarify New Branch Workspace

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