Instructions for EBI Project Generator

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Instructions for Clarify Project Generator

What's Changed?

The EDI Project Wizard has been completely revamped and is now called the Clarify Project Generator. This now works with non-EDI Projects and helps the EBI user quickly create new projects off of already existing projects.

The EBI Project Generator replicates the template Project and its resources, updates new resource names, re-configures enveloping and trading partner information (for EDI Projects), maintains resource dependencies, and updates other attributes and values to automatically reflect the newly generated Project.

Step 1 :: Using Project Generator

To begin using the Clarify Project Generator, right click on the project to be used as a template. Then select Clarify Project Generator.

Cleo Clarify EBI Project Generator Menu Option

Step 2 :: Copy Project

For this example, the EBI user will be using the Copy Project feature of the EBI Project Generator. Once selected hit Next.

Cleo Clarify EBI Project Generator Operation Type

Step 3 :: Replacement Values

On the next window the EBI user will need to specify the project name replacement value. For this example, Acme will be replaced with RiteAid.

Make sure Acme is in the Substitute Value box.

Next hit the green plus sign to add the replacement value, RiteAid.

Click Finish.

Cleo Clarify EBI Project Generator Replace Project Name

Step 4 :: Review Newly Created Project

When finished the newly copied project will appear in the workspace. Anywhere the word Acme was will be replaced with RiteAid.

Cleo Clarify EDI Project Wizard Input File Screenshot

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