Instructions to Update XSD/DTD to add XML Element Attribute

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Update XSD/DTD to add XML Element/Attribute

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To create .xsd files, which are used to make XML schemas in EBI. The user can use a program called Altova XMLSpy.. The version that will be used in this example will be Altova XMLSpy 2015 and can be downloaded at There is a free 30 day trial and after that it will need to be purchased for future use.

Step 1 - Identify .XSD file

First the user will need to open Altova XMLSpy.

Next the user will need to select File > Open and select the XSD file they wish to update for adding an attribute.

Cleo Clarify  XMLSpy Open XSD DTD File

Step 2 - Expand .XSD File Tree

The user will then click on the element button, which has a blue tree symbol in it.

Cleo Clarify  XMLSpy XSD Element

This will expand the XML elements.

Cleo Clarify XMLSpy Expand XSD Tree

Step 3 - Identify XSD Location of New Attrbute

In this example, the user will be adding an attribute into the XML element cfdi:Addenda.

Click on the plus sign symbol next to that XML element. Then click on the plus sign next to attributes.

Cleo Clarify EXMLSpy XSD Attribute

The user wants to add an attribute for ordenCompra2. To do this right-click inside the attribute and select Insert > Attribute.

Cleo Clarify  XMLSpy Insert XSD Attribute

Step 4 - Update XSD Attribute Details

Once inserted name the attribute and edit the Details for that attribute. In this example, the user is just copying the same details as ordenCompra.

Cleo Clarify  XMLSpy Update XSD Attribute Detail

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