Instructions for Cleaning-up Ruleset Data Object (RDO)

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Cleaning-up Ruleset Data Object (RDO)

When an EBI user imports from EBI 2.6 into Cleo Clarify they will automatically create a Ruleset Data Object. Many of the variables are most likely not being used.

Cleaning this up is recommended and helps keep the EBI user’s variables organized.

Background of RDO

The Ruleset Data Object (RDO) is used to create and house reusable variables that can be added to the global root (glb) set of variables in a Ruleset.

The variables assigned in the RDO may have initial values that can be re-used when building Rulesets. While the values can be overwritten in the Ruleset, the variables always retain their original value as defined in the RDO. This is important because it allows you to maintain sets of reusable variables in one location; any changes to these variables can be made by editing one object, and not having to edit every Ruleset that uses the variable(s).

Step 1

Back up all of your objects onto an SVN

Step 2

Delete the Ruleset Data Object

Step 3

The Cleo Clarify Problems tab at the bottom will fill up with errors. These errors will be for the variables that are now missing because of the deleted Ruleset Data Object.

Step 4

Write down all of the variables referenced to be causing errors in the Problems tab.

Step 5

Delete the project that contained the Ruleset Data Object and check it out again into the workspace from the SVN.

Step 6

Open up the Ruleset Data object and delete all the variables, except for the ones that caused errors when the Ruleset Data Object was deleted.

Step 7

Save the Ruleset Data Object.

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