Instructions to Install Dashboard 3 and Configure Data Source

Windows Instructions to Install Dashboard 3

In our post we will review how to generate generate a private/public key pair using GPG. By the end of the post we will have created a public key will contain two keys, one key for signing and a subkey for encryption. 

We will incorporate the GPG set-up into Cleo Clarify. In our previous example, we showed users how to incorporate SFTP and PGP into a Business Process.

Pre-Installation Checks

Windows OS

  • 2008 R1, R2
  • 2012 R2
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8


  • 5.4
  • 5.5


  • RAM: 3-4GB
  • CPU: 2-2.5GHz
  • DISK: 10-40GB

Cleo Clarify

  • Server: v3.1.1 or higher
  • Studio: v3.1.0 or higher

Installation of Dashboard

Start of Installation

Cleo Clarify  EXTOL Dashboard 3.1 Start of Installation

Installation :: Introduction

Introduction of Cleo EXTOL Dashboard 3.1 Installation

Installation :: Choose Directory

Choose Cleo EXTOL Dashboard 3.1 Installation Directory

Installation :: Set-up Shortcuts

Set-up shortcuts for Cleo EXTOL Dashboard 3.1 Installation

Installation :: Pre-Installation

Cleo EXTOL Dashboard 3.1 Pre-Installation Summary

Installation :: Premium Package

Installing Cleo EXTOL Dashboard 3.1 Premium Package

Start Dashboard

Users can use Windows Start Menu Shortcuts to Start and Stop Cleo/EXTOL Dashboard

Script Commands

Users can manually start and stop Cleo/EXTOL Dashboard by executing: Install Directory\mrc\production\m- power\tomcat\bin
  • To start the server - run startup.bat
  • To stop the server - run shutdown.bat

Licensing of Dashboard

Cleo/EXTOL emails a temporary Dashboard license. The same steps can be applied to the temp/perm license codes:
1. Go to the following directory in your Dashboard install:
    Example: C:\EXTOLDashboard\mrc\production\m-power\mrcjava
2. Place the license file (license.jar) in the mrcjava folder.

Login to Cleo/EXTOL Dashboard 3

THEN use this URL... http://server/EXTOLDashboard/servlet/EBI3.Login User ID = EBI3Admin
Password = EBI3Admin
User ID = EBI3User
Password = EBI3User

Set-up Data Sources

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