RFE for Support for Customized Error Messages

Support for Customized Error Messages

EXTOL EEI - Example of Customized Error Messaging

In EXTOL EDI Integrator for iSeries (EEI) users are given the ability to define their error messages with EXTSYS/EXUSRMSG.

A typical scenario would be forcing an error in an EXTOL EXternal Call (RPG/RPGLE/CL) Program. Users would be able to MOVE a predefined USR Code into P0RTN. When the EXTOL External call exits, EEI then reviews EXTSYS/EXUSRMSG to determine which user message to use in the EXTOL Inbound Translation Logs or the EXTOL Outbound Application Data Log.

Below is an example of user messages in EXTSYS/EXUSRMSG.

Extol EDI Integrator (EEI) customized user messages EXTSYS/EXUSRMSG screenshot

EXTOL EBI 3 - Proposed Customized Error Messages

The EXTOL EBI 3 experience would be enhanced if users were given the ability to force a translation error, in the ruleset, and reference a customized error code. This customized error code could be cross-walked to a more explicit error message in an internal EXTOL Code Table.

The message could then be placed in the EXTOL messaging logs to let users know the true nature of the error.

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