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Clarify How-To/Tips

Cleo Clarify Tips/Hints for handling issues in the Studio, Server, Subversioning and anything Eclipse related

Cleo Clarify Instructional YouTube Videos

Clarify Youtube Videos

Seeing is believing and we show off a powerful any-to-any translator. We can show how we put fort best practices to optimize the B2B solution.

Free Repository for Cleo Clarify


Clients can download 20+ go-live EBI 3 projects for FREE. These projects can range from EDI (x12/EDIFACT), XML, SFTP, and WebServices.

So what's this all about? is a site dedicated to increasing the knowledge of Cleo Clarify 4. The Sean Hoppe Consulting Group strives to help users learn more about the CLEO products and related offerings. As an CLEO Business Partnter and Authorized CLEO Reseller we bring a unique perspective to current and potential CLEO customers.

This site will show users the new features and funtionality of Clarify and how Eclipse platform allow users to take advantange new awesome of feature. From Subversion'ing, setting up new projects, better defined objects, new and existing users will gain a better in-sight of how everything interacts in Cleo Clarify.

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