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Use Message Filters to Link EXTOL Secure Exchange and Cleo Clarify

Background of Message Filters

A Message Filter is an object used to apply user-defined rules and conditions on inbound messages (AS2 generally) coming from EXTOL Secure Exchange.

The most common use of the Message Filter is as a “catch-all” for all incoming AS2 messages. You may have one Message Filter that’s instructed to launch the ReceiveEDI Event for every message. On the other hand, trading partner volume may require a more customized approach.

Message Filter Set-up

Message Filters apply user-defined rules and conditions against incoming AS2 message header properties and values; when conditions are met (or evaluated to be true), EBI launches an Event. When you create your Message Filter, the following information must be defined:


Clarify uses Channels to indicate the source and type of incoming message that are being subscribed to (basically monitored) by the Message Filter. By default, EBI provides these channels:
  • PayloadsFromESX
  • PayloadsToESX
  • AcksfromESX
  • AckstoESX
  • PartUpdFromESX

Message Header Properties

Properties in theMessage-Header fields must match the actual message header properties. For example, the properties below apply specifically to the PayloadsFromESX channel, and as such must be entered in the Message Header exactly as they appear.•AS2-From

  • AS2-To
  • Content-Type
  • DisplayID
  • Environment

AS2 Scenario

Cleo Clarify EXTOL Business Integrator 3 Message Filter

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