Best Practices for Cleo Clarify 3 Server

Best Practices for EBI 3 Server

Clarify Servers are for test and production environments. These runtime servers are usually installed on different machines than Clarify Studio. The following applies to Clarify Servers:
1. It is recommended that one person be assigned the role of Test or Production “deployer”. This ensures that the intended Project (with the correct EBI objects) is deployed, and avoids deployment of duplicate Projects from different Workspaces.
2. The EBI Server must be started via a script on the machine where it is installed.
3. Ensure the EBI Server is started prior to deployment.
4. If deploying a Project with a large amount of Packages and/or EBI objects, the initial deployment process may take quite a while. Please be patient and allow the Project to completely deploy before taking action. For example, an entire Workspace loading 5,000 objects can take up to 1 hour.
5. It is recommended that the EBI Servers be backed-up regularly.
6. It is recommended that the EBI Servers be re-started regularly based on server activity, hardware, etc.
7. If you need to change a Global Variable, Next Number, or Control Number Generator value, you must do so in the Settings view. Updating the value in EBI Studio and re-deploying the object has no effect.

**Source: EXTOL documentation: EBI v2 to v3.1 Conversion Guide.pdf

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