RFE to Print Ruleset Mappings in Studio

Ability to Print Ruleset Mappings in Studio

EXTOL Business Integrator 2.6 - Current functionality

Currently EBI 2.6 users can choose File->Print to print mapping specs to a PDF file.

EXTOL Business Integrator 2.6 Print Ruleset Mapping

EXTOL Business Integrator 3 - Request for Enhancement

Give users comperable functionality to EBI 2.6 to print-out ruleset mappings

EXTOL Business Integrator 3 - Workaround

The Workaround below is not pretty but besides screenshots, it is our only option-- Ruleset Text Based Editor

Below, is an example of the Ruleset Text Based Editor.

EXTOL Business Integrator EBI 3 Ruleset Text Based Editor

Ruleset Text Based Editor

package com.extol.jde.myPartner.outbound

def ruleSet myPartnerJdetoEdi8524010RS {

   var SystemContext sys = new SystemContext
   var BaseGlobalContext glb = new BaseGlobalContext
   var EnvironmentContext env = new EnvironmentContext
   var String c_N_00 = "00"
   var Number v_NumCttCounterInt
   var String v_VarUPMJStr
   var String v_VarUPMJ2Str
   var String v_VarEDOCStr

   def execute(StorageNode sourceNode, StorageNode targetNode, TransformationSettings settings, StorageNode updateNode, StorageNode sourceContextNode, StorageNode targetContextNode) {
      var source = bindInput(typeof(com.extol.jde.baseObjects.outbound.BaseJdeOutbound852DB), sourceNode)
      var target = bindOutput(typeof(com.extol.jde.baseObjects.BaseJdeEdi8524010EDI), targetNode)
      var update = bindOutput(typeof(com.extol.jde.baseObjects.outbound.BaseJdeOutbound852DB), updateNode)

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